Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Great Great Grandma and Daddy!!

I helped clean up after the party

On November 3rd we celebrated my great-great-grandmother's 96th Birthday! WOW!! 96 years old, she has been around for a long time! I went to my grandmother's house (who is also my babysitter) for the birthday celebration. We had a blast!

On November 9th my daddy celebrated his 32nd birthday! I gave him a new pair of shoes and my mom gave him a sports coat (I helped pick it out). We had a great time. My Nana and Pop took him out to eat at the Olive Garden and gave him many more presents! He had a Wonderful Birthday. (Sorry, no pictures) I love you daddy!!

It has been a while!!

Finished Result

Helping Daddy!

I would like to start off apologizing for not updating the blog in a very long time. I hope I will still have some readers! Things in my life have just been absolutely wild lately. I have been crawling since the first of October and now I am trying so hard to walk that it has been extremely difficult for me to find the time to sit down and update my blog. I will try to do better in the months to come.

I celebrated my very first Halloween this year! I started the Halloween week off by carving a pumpkin with my Daddy! This was his first time to ever carve a pumpkin also (my mom's too). We had so much fun. I even tasted the pumpkin...it suprisingly wasn't too bad!
I dressed up like a pumpkin for Halloween, courtesy of my Grannie Poe. It was very comfortable, warm, and not to mention... CUTE!! My cousin Abby was a pumpkin her first Halloween also! ( Great minds think alike!!) Trick or treating was a lot of fun. I can't really eat candy yet but I enjoyed going to everyone's house, seeing the decorations, and showing off my costume! I stayed up till 10 o'clock...that never happens but hey, "time flys when you are having fun!"

Monday, September 28, 2009

The FIRST of Many More BEACH Trips...continued

@ LULU's
John Turner and Me (in my tutu)

My Family

We stayed at the CARIBE, which was so nice. My mom said "it was the nicest place she had ever stayed". It was so nice we even spent all day Saturday in the room (well, almost all day). The first night we were there we went to this cool little place called Tacky Jacks. It was alot of fun. We sat outside on the pier, my mom and I danced to the live band and my dad and Mr. Carlton watched football. It was a great way to start the vacation. The next day we spent all of our time at the pool (the few hours I managed to stay awake). We also floated down the Lazy River. It was a great day! That evening we went to the beach and took pictures. My mom dressed me up in a little blue tutu which she claimed was "just too cute for words"!!! I will have to admit I really did like the tutu and the pictures turned out pretty good too. My mom is always coming up with something crazy to do with me!!! Afterwards, we went to the Cobalt. We sat outside again. It was beautiful!! This time I danced to the little one man band with my Daddy. My daddy and I got to spend some much needed quality time at the beach. That is one of the reasons this beach trip was so much fun. I LOVE MY DADDY!!

Saturday morning we went down to the beach. It was wonderful. We played in the ocean, it was so relaxing that I fell asleep in my Daddy's arms. We were only there about an hour. Then we spent the rest of the day in our room. My daddy and Mr. Carlton had to watch the Alabama game (Alabama won by the way... ROLL TIDE). My Uncle Daniel and my cousins Hayden and Nate came down that afternoon and went out to eat with us at LULU's that night.
The next morning we had to check out but the fun didn't stop there, we ate lunch at Lambert's (they threw food across the room and didn't even get in trouble for it!!). After lunch we went SHOPPING... all day long!!! First, we shopped at the outlet mall where my dad bought my mom and me some clothes then we went to the Bass Pro Shop where my dad bought him some stuff.

All in all this was a wonderful trip. The ride down and back could definitely be shorter but I wouldn't have missed any of it for anything. Looking forward to my next beach trip.

The FIRST of Many More BEACH Trips Sept 2009

Floating down the lazy river with my dad and John Turner

Swimming @ the Caribe

At TACKY JACKS the first night

I know I haven't written much lately that is because there really hasn't been much going on in my life until... Sept 24, 2009!! This was a new beginning for me. My parents introduced a whole new world to me. THE BEACH WORLD!!! It was amazing. The sound of the ocean, the soothing motion of the waves, the smell of salt water, the feeling of sand, the wind in my hair...oh please, oh please can I just go back for one more day, PLEASE!!!

My mom woke me up early Thursday morning singing (which is very unusual). She was dancing around the room and singing..."we are going to the beach, we are going to the beach!!" At the time I had no idea what all of her excitement was about but boy I do now and next time I will join along with glee. Our friends the Watt's went with us and we had so much fun.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Go Raiders!!


Caroline Martin
(a former student of Mrs. Amy)

Me and My Favorite Raider
(My Daddy!)

Future Lamar Raider Quarterback
(John Turner Watt)

Last night I attended my very first football game!! Go Lamar Raiders! It was alot of fun. There were beautiful cheerleaders, tough football players, a mascot, loud music, dancers, a marching band, and lots of people!! I loved it! My parents and I along with John Turner and his parents met at Chili's before the game and then we just copped-a-squat right smack down in the middle of the two sets of bleachers (like we owned the place) at the Lamar football game. There were tons of people there cheering the raiders on... and the Raiders Won!!! John Turner and I are obviously "good luck", looks like we will be going to all of the games now. My cousin Randy was there along with the Goodnights and sweet Lauryl. Mrs. Amy knew tons of students because she taught there before John Turner came along. My daddy knew alot of the older people there because as my mom says "Daddy was Mr. LHS back in his day"!! Haha, I love you Daddy!
My daddy really was a Lamar Raider so we had our picture in front of the Raider sign (the back of the baseball dugout). My mom and I had practiced cheers before we went to the game. My favorite one was "firecracker, firecracker-boom, boom, boom!!!" I see many more football games in my future.
Did you check out John Turner? He looked so cute in his Lamar Raider football jersey!

Friday, August 28, 2009

SunBathing Pro!

This is the Life!

Last Saturday, I went swimming for the very first time! Did I like it...that is still up for debate! The water was so COLD (nothing like my bath water)!! The idea of actually swimming in the water is not something I am particularly fond of! I do not want to put my head or face in the water and the whole splashing thing is soooo overrated! I prefer to just float around on my raft and soak up some rays (such a girl, I know!). I am more of a chiller! Taking it easy is so my style (at least at the pool). I will be headed to the beach September 24th (my mom is hoping I will maintain this whole chillaxin' attitude I have developed)! We will be staying at the Caribe with none other than the infamous John Turner and his parents. I am so excited!! Not quite sure how I feel about the whole beach thing yet...the idea of sand in my face, my mouth, my diaper, and many others isn't sounding too tempting yet! The Lazy River, on the other hand, sounds dreamy!

Hope everyone enjoyed their summer!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Goodbye Girls!

Me and Erin

Me and AnneMarie

Kayla, AnneMarie, Erin

This weekend I was able to spend time with my cousins from Virginia (Erin Leigh, AnneMarie, and their sister Kayla)! This was my second time to meet them...the first was about 3 weekends ago. I love them so much! They are so much fun and look forward to visiting with them again (hopefully at Christmas). They left on Saturday afternoon headed back to Virginia. They will be starting school soon. Goodbye girls, I love you so much!